Rose Apothecary

About Us

Welcome to Rose Apothecary! Located in downtown Schitt’s Creek, Ontario, we are your go-to destination for locally-sourced, spa-quality beauty products and seasonal gifts.

Our Founder

Our founder and CEO, David Rose is the paragon of international taste and high fashion in Eastern Canada. While on hiatus from a trendsetting career as an art curator in New York City, David has called Schitt’s Creek home for five years now. Driving home from a shopping trip in Elmdale on a crisp fall day, David found himself fed up with the shopping experience in our region. The entire process was messy: a forty-five-minute drive to visit a department store for one heavily marked-up item and a wouldn’t-be-caught-dead-in-it sweater selection. It was an outrage. David thought to himself, “Why can’t I find high-class items at home in Schitt’s Creek? I deserve! The people deserve!”

And thus, Rose Apothecary was born.

Since 2017, David’s exquisite sense of what is correct has made Rose Apothecary the best shopping experience Canada has to offer.

Our Store

Welcome to Rose Apothecary! Let us pamper you.

Rose Apothecary works with local artisans and farmers to provide luxury items to pamper your body and soul. We carry unique beauty products and gifts for everyone from the fashion-forward and unbothered, to overworked moms in desperate need of a quiet bath alone, to day laborers who maintain enviably soft hands. Everything we sell is exclusive to Rose Apothecary; you won’t find our products anywhere else in the world.

Our bestsellers include our body butter made from real cow’s milk—the local press has called it “a spa in a jar” and Glamour Magazine rated it their number one reason to travel to Canada, right after a visit to Drake’s OVO Fest. We also carry a seasonal inventory of gifts, home décor items, and a rotating collection of keep-you-warm-all-day-and-night sweaters.

Thank you for visiting our website. If you’re in Schitt’s Creek and looking to get away (let’s face it, you are), we invite you to stop by and let us treat you to the fine shopping experience you deserve.

Blurbs & Product Descriptions

woman in a grey sweater. her eyes are closed romantically.

Ontario winters are cold, but we can keep you warm! Rose Apothecary carries locally made cat hair sweaters that will warm you right up, and keep your annoying Aunt Debbie at a reasonable distance during family holiday gatherings. These cozy sweaters are handmade by the local knitting club that meets at the library every Tuesday and Saturday. The hair is lovingly donated by the owners who drop their sheddings off at our local vet. Every cat hair is triple washed, pressed, and combed before spun into yarn for the knitters. Each sweater is a unique blend of calico, midnight black, and tortoise-shell cat hair. All sweaters are machine washable and come in sizes XXXS-XXXL. Visit Rose Apothecary to pick one up today.

Photo by Elizaveta Dushechkina on Unsplash

empty tan apothecary jar

Need an easy-to-use beauty treatment that will keep your skin silky-smooth and shiny all winter long? Our signature body milk formula is made with goat’s milk from Warner Farms, where the goats are fed a vitamin-rich grass diet that makes their milk feel divine! This special formula includes a soothing rose scent, honey, and green tea extracts. We heard Mariah Carey once called it “youth in a jar.” Our body milk comes in a glass bottle that you can return to the store for a refill and a 10% discount.

Photo by Katrin Hauf on Unsplash

Our goat’s cheese is from local family business Warner farms, and it is to die for! Be sure to come back to life because you’ll want seconds. We carry several varieties of goat cheese: blue, green, and a made-for-us exclusive rose-pink, infused with an organic rose extract that adds both an earthy flavor and a soft pink hue that your party guests will adore. If you don’t like goat’s cheese, we challenge you to let us change your mind. Check out our events page to see when we’ll have our annual free sample day. You don’t want to miss it!

Photo by Oscar Nord on Unsplash

Author’s Note: I’ve been watching a lot of Schitt’s Creek lately. I thought it might be fun to write copy for the fictional Rose Apothecary.


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