Librarians make it happen.

It might seem like I’m a “jack-of-all-trades.” My real superpower is that I can learn anything, love to learn everything, & I reign it in by only offering services that make me incredibly happy. That way, I can ensure a job well done and a happy client. My offerings boil down to three things in public: writing, editing (as a ploy for paid reading and learning + a service to others), and teaching. The rest is icing.

We have a seemingly specific set of skills with a wide range of applications.

Librarians are:

  • Expert planners and detailed service providers
  • Top-notch, thorough researchers with shortcuts to the best information
  • Customer service and marketing strategy wizards
  • Information Technology & Management Specialists
  • Open to new ideas
  • Customer Service Oriented: we’re happy when our customers (information seekers) leave feeling satisfied. Double points if they got more than they bargained for!
  • Versatile Thinkers
  • Widely read & well-researched
  • Nit-picky about copyright & originality
  • Totally in favor of as many people as possible having access to quality services, resources, and information
  • Natural teachers and avid learners
  • People-people: libraries are one of the few places in our society where no one is turned away, there’s no exclusive membership, or pressure to purchase anything. We seek, meet, and interact with people from all walks of life.
  • Privacy & 1st Amendment rights advocates.
  • Incredibly fun to work with, doubly so when they work with children
  • Some of us don’t like books as much as you think, but almost all of us own cats, drink tea, and love fluffy sweaters.*

*I don’t own @FakeLibStats, but I do laugh and nod at it.