Welcome to my copy writing portfolio.

I’m Jaminnia. It’s lovely to meet you.

Words powerful enough to transport readers to the experience, mood, or place you created for them. That’s how writers make magic happen. When you need to communicate to sell, engage, inform, teach, and entertain, then a writer is who you need to call.

This site serves as a portfolio for website copy, newsletter, and blog post/content writing samples of my work.

As a copywriter, I specialize in bringing visions to life.

Don’t feel limited–if words are what you need, then words are what I have. No project is too big or too small. Consider consulting with me to write a brochure, a moving script for a family reunion video, a procedures manual for your company or department, a project pitch deck for your next big venture, or a learning guide/training manual for your entry-level employees. These are all projects I’ve knocked out of the park in the past.

These projects are in addition to the case studies, blog posts, newsletters, email marking, web copy that you might typically look for from a copywriter.

Let me help you sell your business with words!

A quality website can make or break a potential customer’s decision to trust your business, use your service, or buy your product. Let me help you make a first impression that will keep clients coming back to your business time after time.

Maybe you already have a website, but you haven’t seen much engagement from your social media followers or web visitors. Maybe your sales have flat-lined or dipped, and you’re looking to turn it around. Starting a blog can go a long way toward resolving these and other web traffic challenges. With insightful or entertaining content, proper SEO headlines, and intentional calls to action, you’ll see greater engagement and sales conversions in no time!

If you have a website, company vision, and a list of post ideas, then we’re ready to get started!

If you need help putting together a fascinating website, writing product descriptions that sell, blog posts that build engagement, or case studies that convince major clients to sign with your team, then I’m ready to support you make your big dream go platinum.

This blogsite contains sample content. Some from real jobs I’ve done and some are my experiments with form, structure, and words that sell. You’ll find whimsy, humor, straight talk, and some light academic-speak as well. My heavy academic work lives elsewhere.

Take a look, and if you like what you see, let’s talk about working together to make your work shine!

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Read on to see what others have to say about working with me.

“I hired Jaminnia S. for some copyediting work for a few of my creative writing projects (one young adult novel, one short story, a host of poems, and a play. Her attention to detail is unmatched. She takes great care with honoring your thoughts and overall ideas for your work. Her suggestions make your work […]

Ava K. | Writer of All Genres

“I have had the pleasure to receive edits from  Kioni Speaks for my graduate level projects and papers at least 4-5 times over the past year. Her attention to grammatical and formatting detail made my documents look more professional. And her care and dedication to the themes, story lines and arguments of my work in the editing process […]

Namajala Tene | Duke University Graduate Student

I hired Jaminnia/Kioni Speaks for some copyediting and copywriting work for my  e-commerce small business Ethiocraft LLC.  She was professional, thorough, and punctual. Kioni took great care to use jargon that reflected my brand and brand tone. I have worked with her now for 4 years, as my go-to person for copy writing and editing help. I highly […]

Milena G. | Ethiocraft LLC

Before you go, find out how my library background makes me an exceptionally versatile and easy-to-work-with copywriter.